An Open world adventure Stealth game

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About The Wayfinder

Characters and Factions

In The Wayfinder you will be playing as a passive robot trying to outrun a group of anti robot extremists. This clear split in predator and prey will push the player to strive for survival against all odds.


The Wayfinder is set on an Island where your ship has crash landed. with no way off the island your only choice is to explore the vast island its ecosystem and the ruins of a long gone society.   

Emotionally engaging

One of the goals when creating this game is that the player would have an emotional engagement from the game. We wanted to achieve this in as many ways as possible whether that is from the characters hunched walking animations, the jaw dropping environment or the fear from the enemies you will face on your journey.

Press Kit

If you want to find out more about The Wayfinder you can click the button below to go to our press kit, where we have produced a synopsis of the game and relevant photos and videos for those interested.

Blog Posts

If you are interested in seeing insight into the development of The Wayfinder you can click the button below to go to the the games development logs, whereto can read about some of the reasoning in the choices we made while creating this game.