Sound Design in The Wayfinder:

Sounds of the World:

The world of the Wayfinder is a very grounded realistic setting, we may have spaceships and robots but the environment and setting feel like they are from a natural environment form our world, so our game needed to make sure it represents that in more than just the visual aspect in the moody setting we need to make sure our rainy world has the sounds to support the visuals.

Soundtrack of The Wayfinder:

When undertaking the task of making the soundtrack fro the game we wanted to keep it simple and synthetic to keep with the theme of the robots you would play as. This has pros and cons to it. 

When you only use synthetic instruments for music it is very easy to get the wrong notes and it will feel forcibly wrong. 

on the other hand with meta sounds you can produce a node map to make sure that certain perimeter of your music are met.

for example, in the some of the soundtrack of the wayfinder when a note is is procedurally picked that note is also sent to another part of the meta sound nodes. this means that when both these signals are received at once it makes a harmony of notes making composed music sound more intentional and hopefully lets the player resonate with what they are hearing.

Another trick I used to making the music is using a trigger counter, this is because the first 8 beats of this meta sound will be repeated to make a melody this makes the player be able to process the procedural selected notes in a much more manageable way since your brain will recognise that it is now a melody and appreciate it more.

Immersive sound:

Another thing that we needed to make sure was ok was the NPCs around the map and making sure that the sounds they had were all linked to the correct part of the animations and that they were had spacial audio on them so you only hear them when you approached them. This further grounds the world we are making and can let the player immerse themselves in the game world.

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