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In the wayfinder you will be stranded on an island and be controlling a robot from a group of many that have been chased down by a cruel anti-robot  group. When originally designing the game one of the core aspects of the game was the emotional connection you would have to these robots, this was definitely key when designing a world and environment that makes you feel both sad yet hopeful for the fate of the robots. We used many different aspects of design to cultivate this feeling from animations and how the friendly robots move in the world to the sound design keeping the tone of the game to feel right. Another unique part to our game is the element to this game is how all the movements of other character is procedurally generated so what might be a safe route for you could be troublesome for another player, this is mirrored by the music since every part of the soundtrack is procedurally produced from certain parts of the musical scale so your soundtrack’s melody will be completely different from the previous players’.

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